How do I get involved?

Add your voice to the cause

The easiest way to make a difference is to add your voice to the cause by giving us your email (don’t worry we won’t share with anyone else!).   This helps us prove our numbers to would-be funding organizations and, if you so choose, makes you available to receive important information and news about the latest research and upcoming events.

Share your experiences

It is very helpful for our advocacy efforts if we can share real life experiences.  If you are a risky gene carrier, you can help by filling out this  short, anonymous survey.

Attend our events or hold your own

The Out of the Blues annual fundraiser is the only event to date that raises funds for the Risky Genes Awareness Program.  If you live in the area, come out and join us for a fun night out with live music, great food and prizes!  And, bring your family and friends!  If you don’t live in the area, you can help out by sponsoring or donating a silent auction or raffle item.

If you would like to hold a fundraiser in your own community, contact us or here are some ideas.


We can always use a helping hand.  If you aren’t interested in events, you can use your skills to provide other services.  Or, you may want to consider joining a committee, helping on a peer support team or starting up a risky genes FaceBook page in your own community.

Spread the word

You can use social media to spread awareness by sharing this website, the HBOC Society website , the risky genes FaceBook pages or our Protect Yourself commercial with friends, family and colleagues.

We are always looking for people with a media background or who just like to speak to tell their stories to news reporters or give presentations in their own communities.  The examples below tell the Risky Genes Awareness Program founder’s story.

2015_Oct Global HM P12015_Oct Global HM P2
Accompanying Online Article

Put pressure on the larger cancer organizations

If you do attend a run or event for another cancer organization, ask what they are doing for their hereditary cancer component and where your funding will be directed.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Wear our T-shirt

You can create your own risky genes t-shirt to wear at events otherwise to spread the word by downloading the files below and printing on fabric transfer paper.  Or, you can purchase them already printed for $20 + 4.95 shipping and handling (CAD) by contacting us.


T-shirt transfer front
T-shirt transfer back


Donate nowAll funds collected through this website will go to support the Risky Genes Awareness Program, which has the following aims:

1. to find the many thousands of people who do not yet know they carry risky genes to provide them with the tools they need to save their lives;
2. provide a framework for existing risky gene carriers to become involved, and;
3. to garner public support for new and existing programs specifically targeted to hereditary cancer.