Why should I get involved?


We experience the most cancer, at the youngest ages, are the only group who can effectively prevent cancer, yet have the fewest resources

Graph_Cancer Risk Gen vs HBOC

Most risky gene carriers don’t even known it yet

Of all risky gene carriers, estimated to be more than 1 million within Canada alone, about 80% remain unaware, so do not have the opportunity to make informed health decisions that could save their lives.  As far as we are aware, the Risky Genes Awareness Program is the only in existence with the primary purpose of actively saving lives.


If you don’t do something who will?

You may have lost grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins and/or even your own children. You may know the grief of loss, fear for your own life and for the rest of your loved ones, especially children.  You may have experienced preventative surgeries and the resulting side-effects, complications or endured cancer treatments.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that government and the larger cancer organizations have been doing their share. The issue of hereditary cancer has only recently becoming known, largely through the media storm after Angelina Jolie’s reveal as a risky gene carrier who had preventative surgeries, but still remains widely misunderstood by the public, within our medical systems and even within our own families and the risky gene carrier group itself.


You can support your own cause

You may think you have already been helping this cause by donating to the larger cancer organizations, but their funds are most often directed only to their larger, spontaneous cancer components and do not represent an amount equal or even close to the percentage that represents their hereditary components.  Hereditary cancer has been known for well over twenty years, most notably hereditary breast cancer which was the first to be discovered.  If those organizations were truly interested in saving the lives of risky gene carriers they could have long ago set their sights on doing so.  However, most of those affected remain unaware so their lives are in danger and those who are aware experience a marked lack of services and resources.  Hereditary cancer research is generally woefully under-funded and until only a few years ago less-invasive options for future generations were not even being considered.   If 80% of all risky gene carriers don’t know it, 20% do.  If we turned our funding and volunteer efforts towards our own cause, imagine the difference it could make!


To pressure on the larger cancer organizations

If you do attend a run or an event for another cancer organization, make sure to ask where your funding will be directed. Don’t assume that just because it is an event for the type of cancer that you are susceptible to or currently have, that any of your dollars will be targeted towards the hereditary component.  Only the squeaky wheel gets the grease!


To make a difference

It certainly isn’t all about money but if you do wish to donate, you will certainly make a big difference.  Other ways include:

  • Spread awareness by sharing this website or our awareness commercial with your friends, family and colleagues on social media
  • Add your voice to the cause by giving us your name and email (don’t worry we won’t share with anyone else!)
  • Volunteer at one of our events or put on an event of your own
  • Get involved in supporting others through email or personal visits
  • Talk to representatives of companies that might be interested in sponsoring an event or becoming a corporate funder
  • Attend our events and bring your friends!!

Wear our t-shirt at breast, ovarian or prostate cancer events or simply just to spread the word


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T-shirt transfer back

You can purchase the above t-shirts already printed for $20 + 4.95 shipping and handling (CAD) by contacting us.


If you don’t have risky genes…

You probably love someone that does. That should be reason enough.